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Greatly favored by European film music critics and fans, the American-born composer Susan DiBona and her Italian composing partner Salvatore Sangiovanni have worked on over 35 original film and television scores as well as music for commercials, opera, top 40 pop music, musical theater, and ballet.

Dibona & Sangiovanni have won 3 Global Music Awards and various prizes and honors in UK, Italy and USA (their latest feature score is among the 2021 official selections for David di Donatello and the Italian Golden Globes) for their special composing style, which unites their love for old-school scoring, avant garde electronics and sound design, and artistic risks. They have written songs released on the German charts for recording artists under contract with BMG, Polydor, and Capitol Records.


DiBona&Sangiovanni present a fresh, new hybrid orchestral sound to audiences with an abundance of great original melodies. This duo is firmly rooted in the great historical traditions of cinematic and symphonic film music, yet maintain their unique touch and authenticity regardless of the genre that the visuals require. "DiBona & Sangiovanni demonstrate a style and cultural synthesis which is seen with joy in Italian Cinema today: it demonstrates tangibly that the generational change has arrived." - Colonne Sonore, Italy's No. 1 Film Music Magazine